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Greendale – The Complete International School

Empowering young leaders

Believe in what you do, Do what you believe in !
Dr. S. P. Ravindra

Greendale – The Complete International School was established in 2015 by ALWARDAS GROUP which has promoted 28 educational institutions catering from Play School to Research level. The above mentioned group has pioneered in privatising education since 1978. Having been in this field of education for more than four decades, I felt that there is need for establishing a good school with an Arts Village and a Sports Academy which gives children ample opportunities to tap their inner potential so that they can excel in the fields of their interest and become an asset for the country. Greendale was established in a sprawling 15 Acre campus with two buildings having a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a lush green pollution free campus. The intake is limited to 30 students per class so that the teacher can focus on every child personally and help him/ her to learn better.

Arts Village: In addition to the academic blocks an exclusive Arts Village has been provided with an Arts Studio, Music Studio, Sculptor Studio, Do It Yourself Studio (DIY) and Robotics which gives unbounded opportunities to the children to explore and discover more in the fields of their interest and become the best.

Sports Academy: A full-fledged Sports Academy has been developed with Horse Riding, Indoor Swimming Pool, Cricket Nets, Basketball Court, Skating Rink, Tennis, Cricket Grounds, Foot Ball, Volley Ball Court, Throw Ball Court facilities to indulge in every sport. Galleries have been provided so that the children can sit, watch and get inspired seeing the fellow children participating. Having identified the need for a school with all the facilities which will enable a child to become a complete individual, the group has established Greendale – The Complete International School and we are confident that it will cater not only to the children of Andhra Pradesh but also pan India and help them to avail of the facilities to train themselves to become multi dimensional personalities.

Additional Details

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