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Bala Bhanu Vidyalayam

Tracing Perfection.....

Bala Bhanu Vidyalayam Is Founded By Dr Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K) On Vijayadasami Day In The Year 1977 And Is Ever Since Developed Under The Chairmanship Of Dr K. Parvathi Kumar( The International Chairman Of The World Teacher Trust) And A Band Of Dedicated World Teachers Trust’s Servers Forming Part Of The Managing Committee.

The Vidyalayam Is Endeavouring To Impart Education To The Children Both In Terms Of Usual Knowledge Associated With The Aryan Culture Constructive Development Of Mind Through Systematized Training Is Being Attempted. The Children Are Made To Understand That The School Is A Temple Of Learning But Not Mere A Gymnasium Of Lessons And Home-Work. The School Stands For The Following Objects:

  1. To Impart A Clean Life.
  2. To Unfold Aspirations In The Children In The Right Direction.
  3. Systematized Development Of Mind.
  4. To Cultivate Loving Understanding And Co-Operation In Contrast To Competition.
  5. To Impart Straight Forwardness, Sharpness And Fitness To The Mind To The Senses And To The Body.
  6. To Inculcate The Sense Of Responsibility In Contrast To Rights And Privileges.
  7. To Install Obedience Towards Elders, National Spirit And Willingness To Serve.

The Vidyalayam Starts And Culminates Every Day Activity With Prayer To Enable Unfoldment Of Consciouness From Within The Tender Heart Of The Child. Ancient Indian Values Are Emphasized As Part Of Daily Routine.

Additional Details

  • T Manoramani ( Vice Principal )
  • Near Muralinagar Water Tank
  • +919866622421